The Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. They are intelligent, friendly and affectionate. Depending on the size of the Poodle used in the cross, an Aussiedoodle's weight can range from 25 to 70 pounds.Incredibly smart, playful, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Both the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle are remarkably smart dogs with sweet and playful nature, which obviously makes them fantastic companions. Aussiedoodles come in black, phantom, bi-color, tri-color, red tuxedo, red phantom, red bi-color, red-tri color, apricot, red merle, red merle tri, blue merle, blue merle tri, phantom blue merle, sometimes with blue eyes. 

F1 – First generation cross. 50% Australian Shepherd and 50% Poodle. The F1 Aussiedoodle cross is considered the healthiest, as the parents have the least likelihood of contributing genes for common inheritable diseases. The F1 Aussiedoodles coats can be smooth like the Australian Shepherd or curlier like the Poodle. However, it is worth noting that F1 Aussiedoodles gain the most health benefits of a term called “Hybrid Vigor”. Hybrid Vigor simply means the first cross between two purebred dogs will almost always be healthier than any of the parent purebred dogs. This is because a purebred is basically inbreeding of the same genes which causes genetic defects.

F1B – A back cross between an F1 Aussiedoodle and a Poodle. 25% Australian Shepherd and 75% Poodle. F1b Aussiedoodles are even more likely to be non-shedding and allergy-friendly. First, F1B Aussiedoodles will almost always have a wavy or curly coat that is inherited from the Poodle. This means that it is very unlikely to shed. Also, this generally means that your dog is going to be more hypoallergenic than an Aussiedoodle with a straight coat. The downside of a nonshedding coat is that you will have to regularly groom your Aussiedoodle with pet clippers or take them to the groomers.

The F2 Aussiedoodle (50% Poodle and 50% Australian Shepherd) is the second filial generation of an Aussiedoodle. This is a cross between an F1 Aussiedoodle and another F1 Aussiedoodle. This results in exactly the same genes (50% Poodle & 50% Australian Shepherd).

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