Breeding Excellence 

Why choose a "You Got It Dood"?  Our excellence standards are unmatched. We have a combined experience of over 14 years raising, training and breeding dogs. We started with purebreds and realized that most families are seeking a loyal, healthy family companion NOT; a show or working dog. Most families do not have the knowledge or time to handle high drive working breeds, nor want to be involved in dog shows and desire a simple well-bred, healthy family pet. That combined with the fact that purebred dogs are often heavily line bred which can cause health, and temperament issues along with shorter lifespans we chose to breed doodles to provide families who are looking for a companion with healthy, sound minded dogs. When we started You Got It Doods we partnered up with our friends and combined both of our families experience raising/training dogs into one kennel rather than being two separate kennels. We work together to bring  healthy happy puppies and have two families working together to raise, train and evaluate every single litter. Because we are two small family based breeders you can be comfortable knowing that you are not buying from a commercial breeder mass producing puppies for sale. We only breed a small number of Doodles between each of us per year to ensure quality over quantity. We have taken time to ensure we chose only the best dogs with the correct temperaments, correct coats and most desirable colors. You can be comfortable knowing that we will not miss a single detail in providing you with your perfect companion. 

♡ Small family owned breeding program. Producing quality over quantity. 


Our puppies are from purebred registered parents (Poodle and Australian Shepherd, Bernese, or Border Collies). 


Our sires and dams have been DNA tested and certified for known health issues in each breed. Health tests that have been preformed are listed under each dog with a link to results.

We are certified dog trainers and implement puppy culture protocols

All of our puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to leaving.

Dewormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks of age. 

Vaccinated at 8-weeks of age. 

Microchipped with the best quality ISO microchips which are 100% bioglass encapsulated transponders with no plastic parts. This seamless design helps ensure the lifetime integrity of the microchip.  Chips remain in breeders name until puppies are altered (Spayed/Neutered) and proof of altering is sent to the breeder. 

Puppy Birth Certificate and folder with all puppy info, health records and CKC application

After weaning, our pups are fed high quality  puppy food.

Lifetime breeder support

Training, feeding, care info sent with each puppy.

Health guarantee

Spay/Neuter Contract

Watch your puppy grow and develop through our puppy updates.

Watch Your Puppy Grow

 An experience like no other. Follow along as your puppy grows & develops from birth! See their eyes open, hear their first growls and howls, watch them as they learn to eat, walk and do everything normal happy, healthy puppies do! As you start to prepare your home for your new family member, we are spending time imprinting and socializing your pup. We will provide you and your family with professional quality weekly videos and photos so that you can be apart of the puppy rearing experience in the comfort of your home. Watch your puppy develop, play all while developing a relationship with your breeder. This process provides everyone with a more informed approach to how the puppies are raised and helps you to better select your new family member. We also provide education and reading materials on how to prepare for and train a new puppy so everyone is ready when it is time for puppies to join their new families. At pick up, everyone will receive a puppy consultation to cover any questions or concerns you may have. Lifetime training advice will be provided. 


Due to our strict biosecurity, we do not allow in home visits from people/families that we do not know personally. We accept scheduled puppy visitors when the puppies are age 6 weeks and older. By the time the puppies are 6 weeks old, their immune system is such that they can handle outside contact with others. We schedule visits according to when deposits are received. While you are here, you have the chance to meet the mother and father of the litter, and see where they have grown up. 

Early Puppy Training

You Got It Doods  is proud to offer an exceptional puppy rearing program. As professional trainers, we understand how effective early training and socialization is to the future success of our puppies. Our focus is to best prepare our puppies to go out into the world as confident, outgoing companions. Each puppy is introduced to obedience training, crate training and reared with the puppy culture program. You will be sure to take home a puppy who is well advanced in training and development. We lay the foundation of a lifetime.

Online Puppy School

Great breeding and the right start is only half of the equation.  Puppies need to be trained. At You Got It Dude's we are highly invested in the success of our families and puppies together.  We understand not every family will be able to enroll their puppy in our extended training program. Therefore we have officially partnered with BAXTER & Bella and their exclusive online puppy school! This program provides pet parents with Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access to achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship. Their step-by-step lessons, how-to videos, training methods, materials, and resources will help you successfully integrate your new dog into your life and home... and they even include unlimited one-on-one video conferencing and online canine coaching classes too! Check out more info here

Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture: The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy's Future,"  Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization.

Breeders have the most dramatic impact on a puppy’s ultimate personality than anyone else ever will. By the time the puppy goes to his/her new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. This is why You Got It Doods firmly believes in implementing this program. Choosing the right breeder who will ensure that your new puppy is off to the right start from birth is the most important step in buying a puppy.

Puppy raising is a commitment and Puppy Culture allows us to help our puppies reach their full potential by providing us with an accurate understanding of puppy development, and the tools to shape our puppies futures

Do something at the right time, the puppies will  benefit for their entire life, do the same thing at an inappropriate time, and those same puppies can be damaged for their entire lives. We want you to take come a puppy who will grow into confident, stable, and resilient adult dogs, able to handle the stresses and challenges of a modern lifestyle. This takes both expertise and a time investment, but it’s totally worth it.

Our Mission

1. Breed only sire and dams with the best qualities to ensure that you are getting nothing but excellent health, intelligence, temperament and genetically healthy bloodlines.

2. Raise puppies that  are well socialized, sound in mind, body & health who are confident, outgoing, loyal and easy to train. 

3. Raise puppies with the highest standards of care. ENS, Puppy culture, early training and social development along with a clean environment to improve health, trainability and future potential.

4. Provide new owners with countless pictures and videos of the puppies during the first 8 weeks with us. In order to further provide owners with the information to effectively choose the BEST puppy for their home. 

5. Provide families with all the knowledge needed to start their puppy out correctly.  24-7 continued breeder support. 

Provide you with a puppy that will bring your family unconditional love, companionship and the most adorable friend you will ever have.  

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