Furnished Vs Non Furnished 

Furnishings are the gene responsible for the "doodle look" that most people love. Furnishings are the extra fluff of eyebrows, mustaches and beards and are caused by a dominant gene. This gene is passed down from the poodle. When a doodle is not furnished we call it unfurnished. Many families desire for their pup to have furnishings as they not only give your pup the typical Doodle look, but they also are a good indicator that your pup will be less likely to shed. 

A doodle that is not furnished is called an “Improper Coat.”  Doodles with a flat coat have fur that much more resembles the lineage of their non-Poodle parent. They look like they do not have any Poodle in them at all, because their coat may be straight, slick, or even short.  So a unfurnished Aussiedoodle will look like an Aussie, an unfurnished Berenedoodle will look more like a Bernese and an unfurnished Bordoodle will look like a Border Collie. 

While these doodles are not as desirable to most some people may prefer them over the parent breed due to less grooming and still getting a dog that looks like a BMD, Aussie, Border collie but with the health benefits of hybrid Vigor. 

There are three identified furnishings alleles: Strong Furnishings (F), Weak Furnishings (Ff) and unfurnished ff.

We bred poodles will always be FF (two copies of the furnishing gene), Aussies, BMD, & Bordercollies will always be ff (no copies of the furnishing gene). Not all poodles are FF some do carry the IC (improper coat gene). Which is why if you want a more doodle looking puppy it is important that your breeder tests their breeding dogs to ensure they do not carry the improper coat. 

Because the Poodle is FF and the Aussie, BMD or Border Collie is ff all first generation doodles will have one F  allele & 1 f allele. As long as the poodle parent has been tested and carries the proper coat all F1 doodles will be Ff meaning they all carry 1 copy of each gene making them furnished doodles. 

All of our f1 (first generation) doodles Poodle X BMD, Poodle X Aussie, Poodle X Border collie will be furnished! Meaning all F1s will have some level of mustaches, beards, eyebrows. 

 F1Bs have a 50% chance of having one copy Ff and a 50% chance of having two copies FF if back crossed to a poodle. Meaning all of these puppies will be furnished 

Reverse F1Bs Doodle bred back to the non poodle parent breed  there is a 25% of the puppies being ff . This means the 25% of puppies with ff will not be furnished and they do not have the doodle look that their furnished siblings will have. 

Examples of furnished puppies


Coat Types

There are 3 types of coats


1.) Loose and wavy: This is the most common type of coat found in F1 puppies. They are considered low to non-shed. They are easy to maintain.

 2) Curly: These coats can be easily identified with the crimping on the forehead as a pup. They are most common in F1bs. Their coats can have "loose curl" or "tight curl." 

3).) Straight: These coats are considered flat  the non poodle parent. They are the easiest to maintain and need minimal brushing.  They will have some shed. 

Poodles are TT (curly coat) & will pass TT to 100% of its offspring. Whereas the Aussie/BMD/Border collies are CC (Straight coat) and will pass CC to 100% of its offspring.

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