2021 Puppy Prices

In order to produce top quality well-bred puppies we have invested thousands into our breeding program purchasing high quality breeding dogs, genetic health testing, temperament testing and investing in quality care of our puppies and adults. Along with lots of time to ensure our dogs and puppies are well-trained and well socialized. We also spend time communicating with each family to ensure we are placing them with the best puppy for their family. We support families though the lifetime of our puppies. Therefore our price reflects our commitment to our breeding program. 


Quality Doodles Straight From The Heart 

To reserve a puppy or to join a VIP waiting list you will need to submit a Non-refundable $500 deposit toward a puppy or a future wait list. Our puppies are ready to go to their new homes by 8 weeks of age.  

 $3,500 for all colors except Merle

$4500 for Merle 

$4500 for all standard colors

4500+ for Merles/Sables

$3500 for all standard colors

$4500 for Merle/sables

Miniature Doodles

$4000-5000 regardless of breed/color

Minis are extremely hard to breed due to their size and most often require AI to produce puppies and have much smaller litters, and because puppies are smaller at birth they are more fragile thus the price difference. 

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